can you guess who

trolololol errrbody in BIG BANG

Kang Daesung :’)

you may call me Ronnie Kang i am js

Sandeul’s my desktop 

so i’d be mrs. sandeul

i d k 

l.joe’s my desktop 8D

so my name would still be Eunmi Lee k

I’d have 9 beautiful wives and be known as Mrs. After School.

Mrs. Lee Sungmin

A TREE… well then

Mrs. Lee Sun Kyu at your service

Mrs. Yang Yong Yoon Jang Lee Son.

Lee Tiana ^w^

Bianca Minho <3

Alia Theirin, Queen of Ferelden 

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    The background on my computer is Night Vale, and the background on my phone the TARDIS.Ehh, I could deal with either....
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    Mr Moreau. :P
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    Loki Laufeyson! (Marvel!Loki) Ehehehehe
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    Work computer: Spock doesn’t have a last name. :P H. Lecter. (It’s Anthony Hopkins, not Mads.) My other laptop and my...
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    Samantha Blake (The governor) Oh I am fucking pleased about this..so damned pleased.
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    Jessica Dixon.
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    I’d be marrying myself. Hey, I love it.
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    Gemi Bellamy-Howard-Wolstenholme. Kill me, that is a horrible name to write somewhere :D
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    Katie Ackles-Padalecki-Collins
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    …does Master Neloth have a last name?
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    Harry Styles😍
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    Miya Morgan
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    Daria Strider-Lalonde
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    noiz. hell..yes
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    Marisol Holmes-Holmes-Lestrade-Moriarty-Watson that’s right, they all live on my desktop background. i’ve got them all:...
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    My desktop is the tenth and eleventh doctors with the tardis. So, um, I have no idea.
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    I’d be married to either Loki or 10th Doctor, depending on which device I’m using.
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    It’s a little destiel doodle, and Cas doesn’t really have a last name so… So really we should the three of us hyphenate...
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    Mine would be a VERY big houshold…
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    Stephanie Sykes
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    my background is literally all of the avengers
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    Sarah Jaeger
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    My desktop is the dude from the unforgivable videos on YouTube…. What now.
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    I’m married to a frickin Microsoft Window frick
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    Tom Whisper Okaaaaaay…