Montmartre, Paris (by Geodeta_31)

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grantaire, put the bottle DOWN

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Frozen Venice | Robert Jahns | Via

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Grantaire- Eponine’s Pick-Up Soccer Game


River Island Shorts


Ear Cuff

Ring Set

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Joly- Eponine’s Pick-Up Soccer Game

Shirt and Sweet Tunic

H&M Leggings

ALDO Flats

MANGO Sunglasses

Infinity Scarf


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H I C   S U N T   D R A C O N E S | (cover art by Val) ; over four hours of epic music to accompany you as you read or write that beloved fantasy novel… for each hero(ine) must embark on their own quest to new realms in order to discover who they truly are…  

“Long ago I yearned to be a hero without knowing, in truth, what a hero was. Now, perhaps, I understand it a little better. A grower of turnips or a shaper of clay, a Commot farmer or a king - every person is a hero if they strive more for others than for themselves alone.

Once you told me that the seeking counts more than the finding. So, too, must the striving count more than the gain.”…”


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the rawness up close ➝ krikor jabotian s/s 2014
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“This leaves men confused and unable to pigeonhole you. What they are forced to do instead is… take you seriously.”

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the borgias costume porn: lucrezia borgia (s01e04 & s01e05)

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